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Works been rough lately. I’ve been getting my Nintendo time when I can though! What’s everyone been playing?


I put together a quick fionna costume UuU


I just saw another really cute BMO shirt as I was about to post this, but I’m doing it anyways. Here’s a cute little BMO dress for all of you! 

After a month of frustration I finally catch the Tarantula on July 1st and now that the Scorpion is out and my next goal, I keep catching Tarantula’s like nothing while the Scorpion eludes me. >=l



Hey everyone~

I compiled a list of all the Fish and Bugs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and put them in a very easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet.


You can download this handy sheet right now! Click the link below:


**Fish & Bug List v2.0**



Get the Animal Crossing New Leaf Best Buy DLC from home! Easy!

Want to get the Animal Crossing New Leaf DLC but the Best Buy near you with a Nintendo Zone is hours away? No fear! You can get it from home! Simply follow these steps!

  • Change your SSID on your router to “Bestbuy”
  • Make sure you can connect to it via your wifi settings
  • You should get a message  on your 3DS homescreen indicating you’re connect to a Nintendo Zone
  • You do NOT need to load up Nintendo Zone. Simply boot up New Leaf and go to the post office for your DLC!

The schedule for the DLC is 

  • 6/16-6/29 RACCOON WALL-CLOCK
  • 6/30-7/13 CAT TOWER
  • 7/14-7/27 SUITCASE
  • 7/28-8/10 DOUBLE NECK GUITAR

Re-posting this now that the second item is out to remind everyone. 

Also the new Regular DLC item is out as well. 





(go visit this fucking town, oh my god.)

I am going to talk about this town for a minute because i sincerely appreciate the effort this person put into making their dream town genuinely creepy as fuck. Feel free to add a readmore when reblogging, i just have no clue how to do that myself without fucking it all up

So first and foremost, the town is set up very very very particularly, so that you have to move through it in a certain way. Note the map:

which only has one bridge, which means that you see the little “story” that our mayor has set up for us exactly in the order she wants you to. You start at the tree in the center of town, and the first house you come upon looks like this:

The lights are on and there are flowers fucking everywhere and generally it looks pretty nice. And on the inside…

we appear to have a family celebrating a birthday party with cake and a present. Note the dresser blocking the way to the back room. Also note that the middle mannequin is wearing the same clothes as the mayor of this town.

Speaking of the mayor, she says different things depending on where you are in the “story”. At this point, she says “おかあさん だいすき”, which translates to “I love mom”. 

And then there’s the second floor of the first house

which let’s be honest would be sort of creepy even if we didn’t come to this town expecting it to be creepy and even if hypno music wasn’t playing on the boombox in the corner, which it was.

So you leave this house and you cross the bridge up in the corner by the waterfall, and suddenly you’re faced with this fucking maze of bushes and holes and pitfall traps that is more annoying than it is difficult. Also Re-Tail is closed, and the message informing you of this is a bit eerie:

I don’t know if she even could change the message but it’s a nice touch

Also at this point, the mayor has changed her saying a bit if you speak to her

she’s still saying “I love mom”, but she’s alternating hiragana and katakana every other syllable, which is something you just do not do in japanese especially not like this it’s sort of like if it was written in english as “I lOvE mOm”

So anyway the second customized house you come across has this on it’s ground floor

(you can’t get past that point right there there’s something on the ground blocking you)

and this on the second floor

i honestly have no fucking clue what she is trying to say with this

There’s also a basement, but i forgot to screen cap it 

So after the second house you move on from the maze and it’s basically this dead area and the mayor is talking like this

which is obviously fucked up you don’t need to know anything about japanese to understand this one

and then you move onto the third house which is basically a shack, and the inside of it is summed up in those 7 pictures in the middle of the photoset. Though I think it’s worth mentioning that in the bookcase room where you first walk in, you can here a radio screeching from where it’s hidden behind some bookcases in the back, and that toy you can see in the corner of the shelves in the third picture in the photoset is creaking

Finally we have the last house on our path through this fucking town, and you walk in and…

Mayor McCreep herself is there (and speaking in complete gibberish as in the first shot in the photoset), but you can also see that it’s the exact same house as the very first house, only shit is thrown everywhere and the lights are out and the tv is static-y and also the dresser has been moved let’s see what’s in that back room?

well. okay then. 

but of course we need to check out the upstairs too and…

it’s ALSO exactly like the second floor of the first house, except there’s an axe in front of the dolly, the paintings are blacked out in Don’t-Hug-Me-I’m-Scared style, and all of the other toys except dolly are facing the wall instead of the middle of the room.

You would think this would be the end of it, but if you look back at the map, you see that little beach area that you can’t get to without a wet suit? There’s a grave yard there. And our lovely mayor must have wanted us to be able to get there, because i dug up a wet suit back in the maze part of town, which i’ve been wearing in all of these screenshots because i went back and took most of them after i found it.

So you swim across and go to the grave yard and there are three spots where you can dig shit up. So what’s buried in the creepy little grave yard on the beach?


but there’s also a dolly buried to the left of that skeleton, and a time capsule buried to the right (which the game made me put back right after i dug it up so i couldn’t see what was inside of it. i’ll bet she went to a lot of trouble to write out some long creepy letter to put in there and it makes me sad that no one will ever see it besides her)

So finally I’m done exploring, I take all the screenshots I need and go back to the middle of town to go back home, and i notice a present by the bed which was there the whole time and i was probably supposed to pick up first, but this being my first time using this dream town thing I kind of over looked it because i thought it was just something that was always there. So instead I end up picking it up last, and what’s in it?

r u fucking kidding me right now

So in conclusion, the amount of work that went into making this fucking town must have been completely staggering, and I give serious props to Ms アイカ for creating a town and a story that was actually pretty fucking terrifying, even if it was a bit cliche

but no, Luna, this fucking dream did not soothe my soul at all

P.S. the name she chose for her town, アイカ, can also be written as 哀歌, which according to my dictionary is the word for a lamenting song, like an elegy. So yeah. make of that what you will. 

I saw a video about this town a little while back. Someone noted that the Adam statue is a fake, and one theory goes is that the dad may have been a bad man and that’s why he’s never mentioned. he could be abusive, have cheated or so on. But it is supposedly implying they weren’t as happy a family as it first seemed.

the shoes on the beach are supposedly a hint that aika commit suicide because according to the players in the video most japanese people planning suicide remove their shoes. Also, the bookshelf maze’s screeching radio is a theramin that wails the closer you get to it. weird and creepy.

A group on FB for fast, easy, trading/buying/ and selling of items in AC:NL! Hope to get a huge pool of people to be able to find those items you want so badly. 


I made Booker’s outfit in AC last night, so here’s both his and Elizabeth’s outfits in the same post. 

I am officially addicted to pixeling tiny outfits someone help me.